Project Details

Appointed by Diesel UK to collaborate on a new 4-month pop-up store on London’s Regent St, Brinkworth and Wilson Brothers responded by capturing the essence of pop-up retail: a quick, simple and cost effective installation with big impact and a bold concept.

Working with 5,000 sq. ft. spread over two floors, inspiration was taken from Diesel Village, the Bassano del Grappa-based Diesel HQ, to create a series of lightweight house structures that are scattered throughout the space.

The houses are constructed from proprietary greenhouse kits with a variety of different applied treatments and finishes that play with reflectivity, transparency and solidity to create a series of diverse destinations. The treatments range from a mirrored iridescent finish, smoked tints and two-way mirror, to recycled plastic sheeting and scaffold timber board claddings.

The cladding and treatments applied to the greenhouses reinforce the recognisable archetypal house shape, which also forms the basis of a 2-D Village graphic icon developed to sit with Diesel’s logo in the branding of Diesel Village.

Within the store, each of the houses represents a specific area of focus, highlighting different product categories, forming the changing room spaces, defining the cash wrap area and as a backdrop for window display.

The strategic placement of each house encourages a sense of discovery, intrigue and interaction with the space. The focal point, Diesel’s ‘Denim Area’, is nestled within the cluster of structures.

The walls, floor and ceiling of the menswear area on the ground floor have been painted a dark grey, leaving the clad structures to reflect, fade in to and contrast the surrounding space. The womenswear level above has been treated with a pale grey allowing the same materials to display different qualities as the light interacts with them, and travels through the cladding.

Photography by Louise Melchior