Project Details

The first Utah Jazz LP, ‘It’s A Jazz Thing’ was released on V-Recordings in 2008.

“A dive into the inviting blue skies of summer, ‘It’s a Jazz Thing’ takes the liquid funk template and submerges it in black-golden layers of ’70s symphonic soul, equal parts Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, High Contrast and Calibre…” (DJ Mag)

“The most eagerly-anticipated debut album in years… Utah Jazz has got a rhythm, soul & vision all his own and the entire Drum & Bass world will soon be stepping to his beat…”  (K-Mag)

“If the Drum & Bass scene’s upper reaches have a reputation for maintaining their rigid hierarchy with all the ruthless efficiency of a Stalinist accounting firm, then Utah Jazz is most certainly the kid who cracked the code…” (iDJ)

Designed at Studio Oscar